BIOG: Rev Simpkins & the Phantom Notes

Lo! It came to pass...

Behold! Rev Simpkins: notorious songster and freak finger picker. A man - fuelled by milky tea, scratched records and the King James Bible - whose goal is to drag you into his miraculous musical medicene show.

The Reverend's father, grandfather, grandmother and uncle are all preachers and his fiery and eccentric music owes as much to their sermons as it does to his musical heroes John Renbourn, Captain Beefheart, The Fall, The Kinks and Nick Drake.

In response to a host of powerful visions and musical revelations received in the summer of 2008, the Reverend formed the Phantom Notes in order to record the LP "Babbler & Crow". Featuring members of free-folk pioneers the Dead Rat Orchestra and raucous mod band FuzzFace, the Phantom Notes count among their considerable number a tap dancer, a fiddler, a theremin player, a French horn player and a free-jazz saxophonist.  

Each of the Reverend's concert appearances features a unique selection of Phantoms, ensuring that every one of his shows is fresh, individual and never to be repeated.

So, give in. Let the Reverend's delicious and dark music burrow into the back of your head and reside there forever.

Quotes from the Press

"Inspired Madness...An excellent and adventurous album"
***** DISC OF THE MONTH DEC 08 Bluesbunny

"Suffolk's answer to Captain Beefheart...Impossible to pigeon hole and impossible to ignore.
A unique listening experience."
Babbler & Crow No. 3 in Albums of the Year - The Grapevine - Jan 09

"A unique musical journey...Babbler & Crow has got to be heard to be believed!"
Ipswich Evening Star - Nov 08

"For the son of a parish vicar, he belts out a tune with more gusto than Aretha Franklin"
Essex County Standard - Nov 08

"Off-kilter orchestral folk with excellently catchy melodies"
Colchester Evening Gazette - Nov 08